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The Next Game

Streets of BedlamAs most of my players know, I usually like to start prepping for my next weekly game about 6 months before we start actually sitting down to play it. This may seem like a long time, but I like to establish the tone and mood of the setting before I ever start deciding on the actual stories that will take place. To this end, I spend a lot of time with the setting, coming up with, in the case of a modern game, the types of business establishments and locations that will be included, even coming up with names and finding or creating photos of the businesses, or at least their logos. I also start building a playlist to be the soundtrack for the game, whether the players will ever hear that soundtrack or not. This all helps me get inside the world in which the game will be happening, which is important for making a lot of decisions about the game and the stories we will build there.┬áSince my current weekly (okay, mostly weekly – there have been a lot of issues lately, as evidenced by my lack of writing here, that have pulled me away from leisurely pursuits) game will be ending in a few months, I am now in that 6 month window to begin preparing for the next game.


The Evolution of the Modern Student

photo by Cheryl Lee, 2004

photo by Cheryl Lee, 2004

I was spending too much time browsing social media, and not enough time doing things like coming up with something to write here, when I came saw this article on The Atlantic called “My Daughter’s Homework Is Killing Me” by Karl Taro Greenfield. It was sitting there in my news feed/timeline/whatever they call it now. Chuck Wendig shared it. It figures. His shares usually inspire me to get off my ass and at least reshare, usually with a short commentary of my own.


Geekcentric Movie Review: World War Z


I went to see the World War Z movie today. While there were some great moments in the film, the overall product was not well put together. I honestly don’t care that it has very little in common with the book. I knew that going in. What bothered me were some fundamental flaws in the movie.


We can rebuild it. We have the technology… 4

We can rebuild it. We have the technology…

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

You may have noticed that about a month ago, this page went dark. All the content that was Geekcentricity disappeared. The page became a placeholder.

Or, you may not have noticed at all. After all, there was no new content for months before everything went away. Why should you have noticed?

Whether you noticed or not, until today. Geekcentricity has been gone for more than a month. Why? What happened to it? Where did it go?

The short, simple answer is: I nuked it.

That’s right. I blew up the whole damn thing. Nothing left.