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Haunted Half-Dozen: Six Unforgettable Haunted House Scenarios for Tabletop RPGs

Photo Credit: Peter Pelisek

Photo Credit: Peter Pelisek

Over the past few days, I’ve received the electronic versions of two excellent products I backed on Kickstarter. Both of these are firmly in the horror genre. The first was the East Texas University (ETU) setting by Pinnacle Entertainment for Savage Worlds, which backers were able to download on Monday, June 23rd. The second was Tales of the Crescent City: Adventures in Jazz Era New Orleans by Golden Goblin Press for Call of Cthulhu, which backers could download on Wednesday, June 25th. In honor of the release of these two nuggets of gaming goodness, I thought I’d take a few (hundred) words and run down my Six Favorite Haunted House Scenarios for Tabletop RPGs.

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Book Review: Maze Runner by James Dashner

maze runner

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I like books. I mean who doesn’t? More importantly I like reading books. I like how a well-crafted story can transport the reader to a fantastic location, it can weave the reader into a complex mystery, scare the piss out of them, or morally and ethically challenge them. Of course we’re talking about fiction here, there’s a completely different place for non-fiction.


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Geekcentric Movie Review: World War Z


I went to see the World War Z movie today. While there were some great moments in the film, the overall product was not well put together. I honestly don’t care that it has very little in common with the book. I knew that going in. What bothered me were some fundamental flaws in the movie.