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Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

You may have noticed that about a month ago, this page went dark. All the content that was Geekcentricity disappeared. The page became a placeholder.

Or, you may not have noticed at all. After all, there was no new content for months before everything went away. Why should you have noticed?

Whether you noticed or not, until today. Geekcentricity has been gone for more than a month. Why? What happened to it? Where did it go?

The short, simple answer is: I nuked it.

That’s right. I blew up the whole damn thing. Nothing left.

I had plenty of reasons, from time and financial commitments, illness in the family, disillusionment, etc.

In the beginning, when this was just my blog, my place to write about the things I liked, it was fun. I wrote almost every day. The readership grew by leaps and bounds and I spent time cultivating a fan base. Things grew so quickly I couldn’t keep up on my own. So, I brought in a few of my friends who were willing to write posts from time to time. I was still having fun. My writerly friends didn’t always post regularly, but we enjoyed writing here, and there was fresh content almost daily. There were some pretty good posts building up here, in my opinion.

Then, something happened.

One of the readers of this page contacted me with an offer to merge his site with mine. He was a seemingly well-respected fellow geek blogger with a huge backlog of posts. They all came under the auspices of Geekcentricity. His contributions here were fantastic and grew the fanbase and content quickly. All was not as it seemed.

My parents, who haven’t been in optimal health for quite some time, started to have intermittent occasions of even worse health. Stresses of a job I wasn’t enjoying anymore took their toll on me. I rescued some wonderful dogs that needed care and attention that took time. My job description, of necessity, quickly evolved from writer to writer/editor, to editor-in-chief of a blog that was growing wonderfully and seeking to broaden its fan base. My new contributor and assistant editor was prolific. His output was daunting and intimidating. His vision for the site was demanding. We began to cycle through writers as we began to require more regular postings from our contributors. People who couldn’t contribute regularly were dropped. We demanded higher quality from our contributors to ease the editing burdens. When I did have the opportunity to write here, I had to be careful about posting about the same thing too often, or seeming like a “shill” for this company, that author, or whatever game system. I began to feel I could no longer write about what I wanted or what I loved.

Being Geekcentricity went from being fun to being a job, but without that whole “getting paid” thing. The site needed a decent amount of bandwidth. The writers needed email addresses. Things had to be upgraded. It began to cost too much to run this site, both in time and money. Sure, things looked fantastic, but it was draining.

When the bomb went off, it happened quickly.

My assistant editor disappeared. This person who drove the site to the utmost in quality and drove us all nuts at times trying to get there, just dropped off the face of the earth. It quickly became apparent that he wasn’t who he seemed to be. One day I was searching the net for an article about zombie miniatures for an upcoming game I wanted to GM and I found a link to an article my recently departed assistant editor had written for the site. Then, I found the same article on another site, written by someone else… before it appeared here. I did some research and found a few more, and then more. Then, way too late, I checked the credentials this person listed and could not verify any of them. I had been taken. Hoodwinked. My illusions about this place were shattered.

At the end of 2012, I made some statements that I would decide what to do with Geekcentricity at the beginning of 2013. I decided that, even though I loved writing, this place was no longer serving my needs or giving me joy. It hadn’t been for quite some time.

I decided to blow it up. Nuke it. Burn it to the ground.

Rather than be held liable for posts that were stolen by someone else and posted here, I would just tear the whole thing down.

Dark City (1998) - New Line Cinema

Dark City (1998) – New Line Cinema

As Mr. Book says in Dark City, “SHUT IT DOWN!!! SHUT IT DOWN FOREVER!!!”

This is exactly what I did.

Still, the need to write was gnawing at me. There were gaming products I wanted to review. There were cons I wanted to report on. There were things I just generally wanted to share and “geek out” about to the world at large (or… well… anyone who wanted to read it). I wanted to tell people about games I was GMing, video games I was playing, and more recently, a setting I am starting to create for Savage Worlds (see, before the “fire” if I wanted to write about Savage Worlds, and I did so more than twice in two weeks, then I would’ve been accused of being a “shill” for Pinnacle).

This leads us right here. Right now. I am back. I am writing for myself. I will be writing what I want to write, when I want to write it. I don’t care if I’m the only person who ever reads it. I’m no longer trying to “build my readership”, “expand my fanbase”, or any of that. I’m doing this for me once again. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you love it, let me know.

As for what you can expect to read here, I’m not sure. Expect to read about tabletop role-playing games, especially Savage Worlds, Fiasco, old school Dungeons & Dragons, and maybe World of Darkness or All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Expect to read about video games I enjoy, like the Bioshock or Dead Island franchises. Expect to read about books I read, like L.A. Noir, movies I’ve watched, such as Django or Gangster Squad, or television like The Walking Dead. And yes, sometimes you will read about my life, my dogs, or animal rescue. Who knows?… I may start posting my fiction again.

You know about as much as I do at this point.

Enjoy the ride.


Darren is a life-long geek, an avid gamer (both tabletop role-playing and video games), and a writer and editor. He lives in South Carolina with his wife Barbara and his three rescued Siberian Huskies.

4 Responses

  1. Earl Tyndall says:

    Somehow, I found your site trying to find some maps for a new adventure I was writing for my family D&D night (running a Mentzer Red Box Edition campaign). It sounds like you’ve been through the wringer! If you read some of my blog posts, I think you will see where I’m at with gaming. Check it out if you’re interested.

    For me, this rediscovery of RPG’s is about fun and escape. And, if I can teach my kid a few life lessons, that will be fine too. I live nearby in Surfside. If you have an opening for a player in something not to technical (I’m all about keeping it kinda simple), let me know. Love some AD&D 1st ed., just something warm and fuzzy about it that keeps that excitement going!

  2. Daus says:

    Welcome back.

  3. Glad to have you back. Hope things go well for you. If you get to a point you’d like to review some books and stories again, let me know. I’m happy to send you my latest or whatever in my bibliography looks interesting to you.

    Hope you don’t mind if I continue to quote Geekcentricity’s review of Net Impact. Sure, there won’t be a link, but the fact your reviewer liked it meant something to me–it’s hard for an indie writer to get much review attention at all.

    Best wishes.


    Donald J. Bingle
    Writer on Demand TM

    Now available, Father’s Day Deluxe 3-Pack Edition.

  4. Dalton says:

    I look forward to reading some new stuff.

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